Monday, January 10, 2005

Global Citizenship

Sort of light on posting, recently. Guess I've been putting time in on other things.

I've sent an invitation out to a pretty large group of people, to come to a brainstorm seesion about what a sustainability project could look like. I've had three responses, but I'm looking for about 8 people to show up.

I'm very much in shock over the loss of life from the tsunami. I'm very much pleased with the initial rush of global citizenship. There was a similar rush after 9-11, but then the response to that act by a few bad people got warped into an attack against a sovereign nation. I already see similar twists applied to this natural disaster. I know there are lots of people on the planet who need to point fingers and blame, but why does it seem they end up being the most vocal and able to pull the longest strings?

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