Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Janet Savage is a Certified Hand Analyst. I suppose I've become less skeptical as I age, since I see more and more that this is a world of illusion. Why shouldn't our Life Purpose imprint on our hands before birth? What if I, as a pre-birth spirit person, wanted to somehow send my physical self a message? My own hands and fingerprints look like a pretty good way to do that!

Janet interprets these messages, so you can understand better what you are here for. As we work on a design together, the story about bridging two opposites, and the discovery that boundaries are self-imposed, comes up again and again. So naturally, I just had to take the fingerprints entirely off the fingers, to suggest that Individual Expression precedes and informs the cells of our bodies ("Oh!" you say. "Those are fingerprints? They look like something different to me." Well, you are very observant. They are intentionally ambiguous, to recollect other aspects of hand analysis).

The rest is a balancing act of execution. Should the colors be brighter and more playful? What if they are more serious, grounded, earthy? I found a point at which they were too dark and mysterious, too séance-invoking, too spirally hypnotic. I backed off from that, to get the earthy tones of the card on the right. Is the card on the left more or less attractive? Remember, I have to balance fun with serious on this!

Final thoughts: what if the colors are softer? How does that make the card feel? What if the colors are bold (like Janet!), but there is less contrast between field/ground?

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