Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bacci Delicatessen

Opening July 29th, Bacci Delicatessen is a welcome addition to the Pagano's block of Lincoln Avenue. Nick Ratto, a nice young man who should do quite well with this business, worked closely with me to choose colors (his instructions: "It's Italian, but I don't want a red green and white flag. But I do want it to look Italian"). We chose these aquas and tomato soup colors, and when I placed staggered stripes the look is sophisticated rather than tired. Lots of white signals you that this is a clean place to have lunch.

I had chosen a pinkish white for the base color, mostly so people would look nice and rosy when they were in the space, but we went with a pure white instead. I think it's pretty good.

The sign design lent itself to use on business cards, as a logo, so there were some cost savings to the client in that regard.

Finally: yes, that's my electric car, and yes, I can do some small installations with it. I have a day dream of changing the trunk space into a mini-mini pickup bed. However, there are so many projects ahead of that idea, there is only the slimmest of chances I'd ever do such a thing.

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