Sunday, November 06, 2005

Wilmot's Books

Through a chain of those synchronicities that astonish most people, Tim and Mary Wilmot yesterday opened a bookstore in Alameda's West End (it's at 5th Street Station, 5th and Central).

The grand opening party packed the place... until the bagpipe player got going! Whew, I tried to be gracious but he literally drove me from the room! Other than that, it was a great time. We celebrated Xena's birthday (simultaneous event) by buying a raftload of books. Around a mouthfull of cheese and cracker, balancing a cup of wine, I talked with Tim a little as soon as the music switched over to guitars.

"Why a bookstore? Aren't there plenty?"

"Not at this side of town. Besides, what we really want is for people to have a place to come and hang out, to read a little, have some conversation... we want to be the neighborhood gathering place."

"Well, it feels really good in here. It's a nice energy."

"Yes, thank you! The kids come in after school, and while they might not buy much, their energy is just so great that I really like having them here."

I didn't design his logo, but I did clean it up, stick it on the glass, and email him an electronic version which he promptly used to produce some business cards. Do you care to buy or sell used books? Wilmot's has those. I think Tim is also getting new books. Call Tim or Mary at 865-1443.

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Anonymous said...

Bookstores began in Europe and passed onto the colonial days of this country. Boston was probably the first American city with bookstores, as well as Philadelphia. I am so glad to know my good friends who have opened Wilmot's Books in Alameda, California. I applaud Tim and Mary Wilmot's efforts.
They have contributed to the wholesome environment of a society which will gain so well, especially the young folks, from their efforts.

Good luck to them and Go Big Red!