Monday, February 06, 2006

Looking at old work

I've made a few sandwich signs. Only highway signs and traffic signals are more interactive. A sandwich sign sits in the middle of pedestrian flow, beckoning people to explore the adjacent establishment.

I designed the graphics and built this sign for C'era Una Volta. It's very heavy, to resist getting blown down. It's very tall, so you can see it. And I really like the graphic I came up with.

It's nearly two years old, has sat out in all kinds of weather, and it still looks good. The value of this sign is something I can't calculate; it's up to the proprietors. I do know that if I average the original expense over the expected lifetime of the sign, it's around 40c per day.

The hardest thing about sandwich signs is that they are not user-friendly. They can never really be heavy enough to withstand wind, nor can they be light enough to be easily moved. It's a system problem without a solution set. When a client asks for one, I work very hard to set their expectations so they will be pleased with the final result.


The Kept Woman said...

Thanks for stopping by!

LOVE the design on this sign...looks very swank and inviting!

Robert van de Walle said...

Thank you. I really enjoyed the design part of this project.

BlackGirl said...

your works are very outstanding indeed. nice designs, and nice blog too.
being a graphic designer as myself, i salute you!

sdk said...

It's beautiful! Who knew I'd meet such talented people blogging! Do you ever do any type of logo work for people outside of your area? I'm in Michigan, and have considered changing our logo for our non-profit org.

Anywho, I just read the comment you posted at my place, and wanted to say thanks. I've decided to keep Green Apples alive afterall, and there's a new post that includes pictures of my dear parrots! LOL


Astrid said...

Sounds like a good aim to me indeed! And I am glad to see the shop is still selling steamy hot coffee, yum! Have you tried this shop's coffee, Robert?

Astrid said...

Haha .. and I am surprised to see that the icecream doesn't melt by the steam of the coffee! It must all be of excellent quality. I definately need to visit this shop.

Robert van de Walle said...

Yes Astrid, after you are done taking over the UK, you should stop by the Bay Area!

Yes, the coffe is very good. It is difficult to find a poor cup of coffee around here.