Monday, May 31, 2004

Abundance of work

I just told my wife of fifteen years that I'd be coming to bed in a few minutes, so there's a promise I can keep.

I'm keeping another promise to myself. I'm moving all my projects forwards a little bit each day. Over the long weekend, it was a redesign of my business websites. I like how it's coming together. I even found time to toss a small page up for the demonstration project.

I have booked so much work, and my family still needs me in my other roles. How will it all get done? I haven't missed a deadline yet, and I have only one client who is wondering where we stand, but I've been working on that project. So I am not too concerned that I will let anyone down.

I am sure glad I know and do yoga. I could never sustain this level of activity and broad spectrum of demands without it.

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