Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sometimes a logo is too much.

This is the face of a business card for my new friend Carolyn. That's not the real spelling of her name, but that's how she's chosen to Americanize it so we pronounce it correctly. I apparently can't even pronounce my last name correctly ( I say VAN dee WALL ee, but it's fahn d' VWAHLL uh) so any time someone makes the effort, I think it's a great act of community.


She came to me thinking she needed a logo, but after just a few minutes it became clear that what she really needed is a theme. So over time, we'll make a few basic business tools that have the big white space, and the purple/lavender/light green colors, but each piece will have a different, flowing form on it. I think it'll work out.

This first piece, the business card, is hopefully a great start.

Hm. As I take a fresh look, a week or so after designing it, I see echoes of some of the fine art I've done. That's pretty cool. Carolyn deserves more of a fine art look rather than a corporate look.

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Robert van de Walle said...

I should mention that I did not do the original calligraphy. She got that from a talented artist whose name starts witha "T." That's all I know about that.