Thursday, October 28, 2004

On the path to perfection

Here's what you are looking at: the first iteration of the logo from my sketches, with Andrew's input, and based on the existing logo from Jen. What you can't see: I've converted the globe into vector art, but it's flat (i.e, it's not a 3D CAD object). This means it's infinitely scalable. The film strip is far harder to illustrate than any of us knew; I've drawn it dozens of ways, and this version is one of the two or three that I like. It is pretty good. But it's super sensitive: a little bit one way or the other and it looks bizarre.

The letters aren't 3D yet, and the icons aren't drawn in yet. We're just looking at overall placement, size, scale at this moment. For example, the film "feels" wide, but it's already nearly too thin to hold the icons. You can see that the letters will extrude really well, popping out from the depths of space.

Here's an example of the sort of change that's easy to do now, but will be harder later after there's a bunch of detail:

Yeh, the upright words are good. I've changed the metal cap around the earth to an atmosphere. Consequently, it stopped looking as "golden age of cinema" so, what to do... Say, how about some "rays of cosmic consciousness?"

Shall I work on a figure-eight film strip?

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