Friday, December 17, 2004

Flash toons

Homestar Runner is very, very entertaining. I got to thinking, what sort of characters would I develop, if I had the opportunity to work on a flash toon? Dusting off my old skills, and knowing that it'd have to be something I cared about, I figured I'd need at least three. They'd reflect the sorts of things I am learning about me and the world.

So here's a manic character. Slightly scary to be around, you always hope they're going to keep it in check... but you never really know. This one would mirror the "If I just move a little faster, juggle one more ball, spin one more plate, borrow another $200, combine the trip to the grocery with the dentist with paying the late gas bill with buying the new blender I'll be able to get all the important things done today" attitude.

Prone to implosion or explosion: don't get too close!


Nika Quirk said...

I remember seeing this in the mirror way too many times - scary how you captured it so completely!

Yes, let's all take a communal deep breath, let it out with a sigh, and let the to-do list slip from our fingers and fall ever so gently to the floor.

Stillness - silence - space. This darkest part of the year is a perfect time to immerse in all that.

Ta! from Nika.

Robert van de Walle said...

Scary!? Well, that's part of my skill: building an image that captures an idea, or an emotion, or a concept. You're very courageous to admit to seeing this character in your mirror! However, in your case, I am pretty sure it's a distant memory.

My to-do list keeps bouncing off the floor back into my hand... or maybe I've got a rubber-band attached to it.