Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The world is changing now.

I made it over to the Berkeley Biodiesel Collective intro meeting. It was packed! There's many a-many people who have woken to the idea that voting with their dollars to support the petroleum industry can end now.

I've got so many threads going in my life regarding sustainability and stewardship and responsibility, that I probably ought to split off a new blog.


One man noted that the number of peopple starting to wean themselves from petrol is similar to the swallows showing up at Capistrano: there are a few "pioneers" but then one day, all the swallows show up. Can it be that it's really time for a sea change in how we conduct ourselves? The people in that room last night all understood that they could make choices right now that would change their part of society. BioDiesel is a flagrant example, but the small things add up, too, like investing in super efficient appliances, driving less in the first place, support local farmers... the web of things that could function in harmony to reduce the craziness is extant. We just have to choose it.

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