Thursday, May 19, 2005

Blogger + Google

I have a hunch that Google is rewarding people for Blogging. Why? I check what sorts of search terms people use to get to my website. Some are pretty obvious; "Graphic Design Alameda" has me on page two. But "Sustainability Blog" has me on page one, in the fourth position. "Pixel Graphic Design Alameda" is a search set that puts me in the #1 spot! "Fish Experiments" is another high-ranking set of terms for me.

What gives? I'd be very surprised if these terms are unique, and optimized. I do know a little bit about SEO and I've applied what I know, but... are a legion of people linking to my sites? If you are, then thank you thank you! And if you want a link back, just write me and tell me so!

It's just strange to me that a search on "Fastest Canard" comes up with one of my pages in the first set of results.

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