Friday, June 03, 2005

Today's new logo

Woohoo! I've made another happy client! And another logo that is different from any I've done prior. This is far more... illustrative? than my preferred style, with an interesting blend of graphic and illustration. This is apparently one of the directions people are headed with their logos. FCF wanted a very busy logo, for example.

Happily this logo isn't as busy as the FCF logo.

A big challenge with this design was the client specificed required elements: the bridge, the palm tree, and that there be lots of colors. I never got to the point of the conversation about what these things mean symbolically, so I could work towards an even more simplified logo glyph. Without knowing the emotive drives behind a request, I have to hit the target with a scattergun rather than a rifle. The "7H6d" reflects this. I keep track of the evolutionary tree of a logo. So this design worked through 7 pages of concepts, A through H for one level of refinements, and finally 6 more and then up to d for further fine tuning.

So it was a bunch of work, and frustrating to the client sometimes, but it resulted in a pretty nifty design.

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