Wednesday, June 22, 2005

West Coast Dance Theater is done.

As proposed

As fabricated and installed

I'm always pleased when the combination of digital photography, some field measurements, a graphic file and some time with a calculator results in a job matching the idea so very closely. Here, I had no real way to measure the space the sign was going to go in, but as you can see, my predictive image is really accurate for size and placement. Over time, the colors evolved to be more classy and less bubble-gum electric. The really critical thing was creating an image so that everyone could see how a 50 square foot sign would look in the available space.

It's pretty amazing how small things get when they are high up. Yes, that's the top 30" of Bob sticking over the top of the building structure. Note that the sign still has its brighter colors. The border and correct colors were applied the following day.

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