Monday, October 17, 2005


Rocket Racers are on the way. How much of this am I responsible for? At the risk of rekindling adolescent egosim, I do wish to point out that I've worked with both XCOR and Velocity aircraft. I made email and phone introductions between the principals of the two companies. I pointed out the the engineers at XCOR that the Velocity team would be a natural fit to provide the airframe for whatever their next vehicle would be, since Burt Rutan was too busy working on the Virgin Galactic project. I mentioned to the Swings that it would be cool to be part of whatever XCOR was up to.

Who knows? I might have been a mere quantum ripple, less than the flapping of a butterfly's wing. It's a fact that the two groups were already attending the same airshows, but it's also a fact that they weren't talking to each other. Rocket Racers might have become real entirely without me, or I might have been the last bit of oomph that pushed the idea across the threshold. The point, I suppose, is never fear to put out into the Universe what you would like to see become real.


Dirk the Feeble said...

And thus I maintain that "Die Hard" was my idea. Wrote it on a napkin and then accidentally left it in the restaurant. Bruce Willis went from a nobody busboy to a big-name actor over night, and it's all because of me.

Robert van de Walle said...

Thank you very much for an excellent film, I enjoy it if I watch it at three to five year intervals.