Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Castles in the sand

Alameda's 38th annual Sand Castle and Sculpture contest was great fun! Nicholas and I made this:

And here's another view

The overall winner:

My personal favorite, a sculpture of sea lions on the wharf at Pier 39. I liked not only how wonderfully executed it was, but also that every male who walked by had to give his rendering of the animals' barking.

And a wonderful castle by a family that should have taken a prize

Our books and DVD of our upcoming trip to learn how to build with SuperAdobe (click here to learn about Nader Khalili) arrived while we were playing in the sand. That sparked a connection in my head, that I can use his coiled sandbag and barbed wire technology as the superstructure for some amazing and beautiful environmental art!

So I am really, really excited, that I suddenly have a new tool with which to pursue my dream of creating public sculpture.

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