Monday, June 14, 2004

I love my job, #1

I love to build relationships with my clients. It's a slower path to success than the "Sell, Sell SELL!" model. For my own part, I neither like nor dislike cold calling, but I hate receiving a cold call. So perhaps by building up through word of mouth and excellent service I am modeling the behavior I hope to receive.

I've been cultivating the relationship with WABA (West Alameda Business Association) not through any high-pressure sales method, but simply by showing up and being my natural self. The director has come to look out for me, and she enjoys finding good work for me to do. Although they have very little money to spend on promotions right now, the more I work with them, the more successful they will become, and we'll both be rewarded.

And here you have one of these successes. I am familiar with the type of banner the city's maintenance crew wants to install (note the GIANT wind slots, which are more for piece of mind than any real function) and I know how to artfully massage a logo and text so that the information forms a clear hierarchy for the viewer, and I'm excellent at putting this sort of thing together.

Banner over Park Street reads: Concerts at the Cove

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