Monday, June 14, 2004

I Love my job, #2

As I think about it a little more, there's another aspect to this banner that is easy to overlook. I'll make it specific and clear.

Often, a promotion budget is far tighter than it should be. Spending a little more would create a far more memorable impression. But we work with what we've got.

A tight budget usually cuts out project management, or art direction, since the concrete expenses (# of flyers, # of mailers, etc.) is fixed. So what happens? The event is poorly promoted because the printer designs a flyer, the newspaper folks design an advert, the email newsletter is designed by office staff, and so on, until it looks like there are three or four events and everyone is worn out just trying to figure out what is really going on.


Yes, I am a design professional, and no, I didn't get contacted to develop the image or theme for this "Concerts at the Cove" event, but I did get the job of making a pair of street banners. The logo didn't fit at all, there were far too many colors, and the request included too much text but an awareness that there needed to be less text.

To help keep uniformity and consistency, I used the flyer and the newspaper advert to design the banner, artfully massaging the data so it presents a clear hierarchy of impression, and simply made the best banners I could.

It's because the goal is not to stroke my design ego. I hope I've let that monster go. The focus is not to one-up the other people working on the other components.

It's because the goal is to get folks to attend the concert. That is what I sincerely want. That the work I do, does its job, of promoting the client's event.

For "Concerts at the Cove," I met this goal.

So that's why I love my job.

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