Saturday, February 05, 2005


I have a theory that, similar to spoken slips of the tongue, we can have typed slips of the fingers. These slips can inform us about hidden hopes, fears, and ideas. For example, I might be writing an email to someone who has got me really ticked off and I'm trying desperately to maintain my professional, courteous edge.

Here's a sample without a misstype
Here's a sampkr ejth a misstype

When you read the out-of-place letters backwards, they spell "jerk." I've had backwards writing, transliterative spellings, homonyms, and cryptic license-plate like spellings show up in what I write. They are signals to me, that part of me is not at peace with what I'm going about, or that there is a hidden thing for me to find.

So I typed "Extrepreneurs" and I knew it was wrong, but I kept looking at the eu ue part. I had to re-read it the next day to pick up the "Extre" part.

What is an Extrepreneur? Well, judging by the number of misstypes and their meanings over the last few sentences (I've removed them. They're mine) an extrepreneur is someone who is extremely entrepreneurial. Powerful, undeniable, unidirectional, capable of drawing lots of people and processes into their wake. They concatenate parts until they become a cultural force of social change. They jangle people. Images of trains blasting by fill the minds of those in their wake.

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