Monday, February 14, 2005

People LOVE the Misery box!

Yes, I have access and can post pictures again. I had to fiddle with some settings I've never touched before.

My son got into a mindlock while washing dishes, and decided it was going to be miserable. I watched him, and worked with him, and talked with him; I was amazed at how committed he was to having a miserable time. I made him stop working for as long as he was miserable. He got so beside himself that he couldn't go be miserable while washing dishes that he grabbed a handful of hair off of his head!

The poor boy!

It took nearly an hour, but with me, his mom and him all staying present to the emotions and the whatever else you want to call it, we got him calmed to where we could peacefully resume washing the dishes.

I got to thinking about Misery. Why is it so attractive? Happy is simple, and costs less. But look how pretty the Misery box is! And how big! And it costs more! It's gotta be better, right?

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