Thursday, February 03, 2005


I've managed to set up a dinner salon with a few folks from the sustainability/green business/permaculture/social equity spheres. We're meeting tomorrow at SOL, a place where a few Slide Ranch "graduates" are living. What will we discuss?

I don't exactly know.

What I've noticed is that the way we live our American lifestsyle is non-sustainable. If 6 billion people lived the way we do, it would require the resources of 7 Earths! Thinking of the Earth as a loan, we've borrowed against her so heavily, that she has almost no principle left. We need to build that up again, and re-learn how to live off the interest.

We've exported our TV and our communication culture to more than half the planet. More than 3 billion people are being taught to want the lifestyle we have. How will they get it? What if they can't? What will they do?

I feel that effects ripple from even the smallest actions, so I'm trying to find a way to reduce an American lifestyle down to an equitable share of the planet's resources. And then, show how that works, so others can experience it, learn from it, make it better and unique to their situation.

How do we create and honor abundance, so that it continues to multiply?

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